In bubblews, if we get more 'like' it means we will get more money because we will get extra money whenever someone like our post in bubblews. Actually it's not hard to get more like in bubblews, all you need is to browse other bubblews and click like if you find any useful or great article from other writer. After that, the article writer will get a notification about your 'like' and if they recognize it, usually they will do the same to you. So if you want to get more like then you must being the one who give like to other writer.

If we are talking about 'like' feature in bubblews, then it's about take and give, if you give a lot of like to other writers then you will also receive a lot of like from them. However make sure that you following the bubblews rules, don't ever try to exchange the like or performing partaking of like in groups or requesting like to other members because if you do that then you will get banned and you won't get paid.