It is absolutely possible for you to get your hands on some hotel vouchers for homeless just need some effort and time!

I have successfully gotten over 30 free hotel vouchers that the homeless families in my neighbourhood had used...believe me, it's possible!

These are the methods that I have used;

-send a letter to the CEO's of large hotel chains and ask them for some free vouchers that can be given to homeless families. Telling them that you will publicize their generosity in the media will definitely give you a better chance of success.

-ask your town mayor/leader to buy some hotel vouchers to give to the homeless families within the town. Every town leader wants to lessen the amount of homelessness in their town so it will actually be beneficial to them and you!

These are the two methods that have proven to be the most successful in my experiences. Use them effectively, and you will be getting tons of free hotel vouchers for the homeless families that you want to help out!