There are some moments in your life that your bad past experiences haunts you and gives you some trouble. Don not let this past experiences bring you down. Cheer up instead life will be better if you keep on looking forwards for what's coming next. There's no turning back anymore, when you take a single step don't look anymore but don't forget what it taught to you. Remember, lessons can be learned through hard times. Here are some tips how to forget your bad experiences:

  1. Ready to get any challenges in your life. -no matter how bad or good your past is, as long as your ready to get any challenges along the your way everything will be on track. Focus.

  2. Learn to accept that some things that has been past you can't changed that anymore.

  3. Don't make any decision with your temporary emotions.

    • most people get involved in a trouble immediately with their harsh decision in life. Think twice before you decide.
  4. Always remember bad past experiences can be healed with your achievements in the future.