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Again, let me say I mainly work from home so I have the ability to use a computer all day to do different Swagbucks tasks. I also don’t have small children to take care of. Last but not least, I am a homebody. This being said, even if you do half as well, you will be earning $25 or more per month you didn’t have before!

I spend up to a half hour when I wake up strictly on Swagbucks. I get my four guaranteed bucks (poll, NOSO, toolbar) and do the tasks that are available. This may be watching videos (separate from SBTV) to earn 1-4 swagbucks each or some other brand activity (s). I also check for surveys and will see which ones I qualify for. I will try up to five. Each day is different, but on average, I earn about a third of the goal during that half hour.

While I am freelance writing or tutoring I run SBTV mobile. As I said before, it is hit and miss. I’ve played it for hours and earned over and over some days. Others it says I reached the goal after one video. Overall, it’s worth having if you ask me. Be careful about data usage. I am lucky to be able to use wi-fi on my phone at both work and home (My boss is fine with me tapping in). I average about 10 swagbucks a day on this (Some days I earn none, others up to 40. I believe officially the limit is 10, but I have found no rhyme or reason to the app).

Throughout the day many of the activities will load up on the main page (referred to on Swagbucks as cards). I will multi-task and do those while writing or on the phone with clients. Also off and on, I will look for codes and do my searches (Keep the searching legitimate!). If I have earned my personal goal by the evening, I am done. If not, I will try more surveys and/or work on SBTV. I admit, SBTV from the site itself is my least favorite activity. However, it is rare I have to resort to doing it to reach my goal.

You will need 4750-5000 swagbucks per month to earn $50. This depends on whether or not Amazon is one of your redemptions (In most cases, 500 swagbucks is equal to $5). Many prefer it because it gives you the most value for your money. You can redeem up to 5 $5 Amazon gift cards per month for 450 swagbucks each (2250 total). This is what I do and the rest I save for $25 Paypal (2500). This means I need to earn 158.333 swagbucks to hit the goal. Or do I? Don’t forget the daily bonuses and the extra bonuses for hitting the goals consistently. I hope to earn the 300 swagbuck bonus for the whole month, but I count on 14 days which is 100 sb. I also don’t know in advance what all the daily goals are so I take the default average of 80 and assume I will earn 240 swagbucks per month from hitting the daily goals. This means I earn 540 swagbucks in bonuses. Therefore, my personal daily goal is now 140 swagbucks (4750-540 in bonuses). To me, 140 swagbucks a day is totally doable. I spend the time earning it wisely. I use it to wake up my brain in the morning; the rest of the day, it is part of multi-tasking. Give it a try. See how much you can earn.

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