So I checked my email today after turning my friend on to an easy way to make money (He recently lost his job and I figured with 5 kids he could use the extra money) I realized well into reading that this was a scam. Immediately, I tell Roberto NOT to cash the check he received because it was a scam. If you are trying to figure out if something is a scam the following should ALWAYS be a dead give away:


Information reaching me this morning has it that you will be receiving the check today. The check of $2,330.00 has been sent to you via Fedex and it will be delivered to you this morning.

Kindly proceed and deposit the check into your bank account and funds will be available for withdrawal 24hrs after it has been deposited. I will be waiting for a confirmation message immediately the check is deposited.

As soon as the cash is out you are to deduct $300.00 which is your upfront payment and forward the balance ($2030.00) to the graphic artist that will be wrapping the decal on your vehicle via Western Union Money Transfer and they will be responsible for removing the decal when the program is completed. Please visit to check agent location close to you and make transfer through them.

Below is the name of the receiver. You are to get back to me with the transfer information ( Ref and the exact amount sent). You are to deduct the transfer charges from the $2030.00 you have with you.

Below is the Graphic Artist Money Gram Transfer Details to send the Money to

Receiver's Information: Name: Juan Gonzalez City: Beaumont State: TX Zip Code: 77703

Kindly get back with the information below once the transfer has been completed.

Ref Transfer Control Number & Total Amount Sent

FAQ: Why am I sending money to Texas? The head office the graphic artist is TX. As soon as payment is acknowledged by them, a local person will come to your house and install the decal wrap on your car. Let me know as soon as the check is deposited today.

If you require additional information, do not hesitate to email. Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately and looking forward to your mail with further updates

Once you follow through with all of this? You'll find that the check is FAKE and if you are able to cash or deposit the check you'll be in for a world of trouble for fraud. Do NOT fall victim to anyone's scam