ow do you deal with a #runaway? What if you teen ran away from home because he was scolded, would you search for him? I know a friend who’s son, 17 years of age ran away from home after his Dad gave him heavy scolding. The son has been going with bad peers and he has been behaving badly so his Dad did not take the matter sitting down.But the child instead of reforming just run away. The Mom is so worried and crying all day long and she wants to search for him but her husband told her: "No Way! He left...let him suffer. When he can no longer bear, he has no way to go but back home.” Well, maybe the Dad being a man is understandably tough and would stand on his decision. This does not mean he does not love his son but for maybe he believes this is his way of not tolerating his attitude.. But the Mom being a woman has a soft heart and worries a lot for her son.

I also am a woman so I understand fully well the heart of the Mom. If this same situation happens to my own son, I surely will look for him and bring him back home before things gets worse for him. Even if my husband would not agree with me, I will go on searching for my son, till I find him. This is not to tolerate him but to help the child from being corrupted further by this bad world. I believe there is no better place to restore the child back to his senses but at home. How about you, what is your stand in this issue?