How does it feel if you have a temperamental boss or supervisor? Well, it must be definitely very annoying and makes the work atmosphere becomes uncomfortable Just because a small problem your boss can easily loose his temper and yell at his men. In these circumstances, certainly a lot of employees will decide to resign because they feel depressed by their boss attitude and unstable emotion.

Usually it happens because there is no positive communication between superiors and subordinates or if it is, probably it has a lack. The reality in the workplace is, a superior should be someone who is dominant, but it is often make a superior arrogant and feels he is always right. While as a subordinate, you certainly will get your own pressure because of this situation. It will be better if you take some anticipations when facing with an emotional boss, Here are some :

Proactive and initiative To avoid making the boss angry , you have to give the best results in every job. Show your best performance and maximum performance, so you will be encouraged to do various initiatives and be proactive to achieve satisfactory performance. Your performance will be a plus for your future career.

Be Calm and Wise When you have to deal with a grumpy boss, Always try to be calm and do not let him provoke your emotions. You have to be wise when dealing with a grumpy boss. Approach him slowly and no directly offensive, so you can face him easily.

Create a good communication Pay attention to your tone. Try not to intervene or give an assessment toyour boss and take a responsibility to what you say when communicating with your boss. And most importantly, do not ever talk about your private life in front of your boss.

Avoid internal conflict You should never create a conflict with your boss, especially in public (in front of other workers) because surely you would considered against the rules that have been set by your boss. Do not talk bad things about your boss with your coworkers, even if they are likely to agree with you because if you do, you will only enlarge the existing conflicts or problems.

Remember!! in the world of work sometimes you are faced with a grumpy boss, do not let it stuck your career. But keepyour passion of work and achieve your dreams.