Seriously.... I need some help figuring out how to beat this level! I've gotten as close as having just 1 jelly left to destroy but I never can manage to get them all. I just started playing Candy Crush last week and I've hit my first roadblock level.

Luckily, I'm not completely addicted to the game or obsessive about it so I just play my lives now and then throughout the day if I have time. There's no way I'll ever pay for extra lives or whatever else the company offers to help you. I'm just going to have to figure this level out or walk away from the game. I still refuse to pay for books so there's no way I'm going to be buying game credits at this stage of my life.

Anyone have any tips for how to beat Level 23? I've been attempting to beat it for the past 5 days and I haven't had any luck yet.

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I took the above picture of a game I was about to start.