I’ve been a writer on Hubpages for nearly four years and over that time I have earned well over $10,000. In the first year I only earned $10, but thanks to a little bit of luck, and more so to learning the trade I found that I was able to get decent traffic and make decent income on Adsense and Amazon. Here are some of the keys to being successful on Hubpages:

  1. Be patient – unlike Bubblews, you’ll probably not earn any money on Hubpages for at least six months. Many members do not make any money for years if ever. Hubpages is (and never will be) a site where you will begin earning from day one. You have to build up a portfolio of articles and over time should see an organic increase in traffic – Hubpages relies on external traffic for revenue – so will never be able to compete with Bubblews for the instant success. It must be remembered that Hubpages is not a social website.
  2. Research a niche – when I first started on HP I wrote an article about a famous chef. It was a good article, but there were already a dozen similar articles on Hubpages, let alone the thousands of articles on Google. Over time I learned that I had to find some articles that would get traffic, but were not that well covered both on Hubpages and Google. If you can find a niche that you are an expert in and that there isn’t much competition in, then assuming the subject is in demand, you should do well.
  3. Learn SEO – while SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t required on Bubblews, as most of the traffic is social and comes from within the site, it’s essentially that you know at least basic SEO if you want to succeed on Hubpages. You must research keywords and phrases, and learn the techniques that will allow you to rank highly in the search engines – without using these techniques, even the best articles will gain no traffic.
  4. Approach from a different angle – last year, with the pending End of World, there were millions of articles discussing the subject. Knowing this, I came up with a different angle on the subject and created an article to do with ‘101 things to do the day before the world ends’ – not only did I attract a lot of traffic in the months coming up to December 21, simply because no one else had written a similar subject, but I also was shared a lot as I made sure there was a lot of humor in the article. I even had a school use part of the article in a presentation. Finding unique and new approaches to a subject is a great way to get top traffic.
  5. Authority – perhaps one of the hardest things for me to learn was that it was important to establish authority – over time I have slowly written dozens of articles in a particular niche and as the information I provided was solid, and used by hundreds of people I gained authority. Having this authority catapulted one of my hubs into the stratosphere as I had gained a following for other articles, and when the new article became relevant it received plenty of comments and was highly shared. Without my prior articles, it would have been overlooked.
  6. Quality Content – it took me a long time to realize that the content I was producing was average and didn’t provide anything new. I concentrated on creating far better content and providing a much better service to my readers. This is an ongoing process and something I’m still improving!

It took me several years to even get a sniff of success at Hubpages, but the effort and patience paid off in the end. The key is to continue working on several sites like Bubblews, and just keep on ploughing on Hubpages. You may never do well there, but if you’re not writing there then you definitely won’t make money!