Success in the financial industry is all about finding a unique niche that nobody else has cornered. Or finding a unique spin on a common service, that perhaps nobody else has really exploited yet. That's what Paul Mathieson has done with great success when it comes to Mr. Amazing Loans.

This is a unique loan service that provides fast small loans, with a flexible pay schedule that allows plenty of time for someone to pay off said loan. But they are not a scam like payday loans, this is a legitimate fast loan service.

The idea that Paul Mathieson was to serve the needs of people in major cities, for when they just need money now. Banks can take too long, and have a long list of denials when people need an immediate loan. But with Mr Amazing Loans that's different.

Plus they operate in more than one country. Currently Paul Mathieson has them set up to provide services out of Australia, and in four states across America, with the operation soon expanding to another 4 major states in 2014.