Last time I checked my Facebook, I found out I had around 560+ friends. This hasn't moved since 2010! :) Most of my friends there, in actuality, are just acquaintances, or just met them at one momentous time.

I have lesser real friends in real life than that 560. Right now, I think I only have around 5 best friends: 4 guys, 1 girl. And we are all separated from each other. My girl best friend visits the country once every 6 months, as she is now working somewhere in the Middle East. My four other best friends are working somewhere far from the city and we only meet like every other month or so.

How about you, how many Facebook friends have you got? And how many friends have you got in real life?

But I think, on Bubblews, I'm creating a bunch of friends (and meaningful friendship) from all over the world, which one day, I would love to meet them (you)! :D

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