When we were back in Florida, Marilyn was reading a magazine during my weekend off from work when I heard her gasp. Then she said "Oh my God, Mark you're not going to believe this. You have to read this article". I read the article and she was right, I couldn't believe what I was reading, it was an account of a person going through just what I had been going through, symptom for symptom, except she had a diagnosis. CFIDS - Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. I couldn't believe it, all my symptoms matched this disease. While we were in Florida we went and redid all the testing as Dr. Newhause recommended. Everything came back negative again. Now we had a name. After we moved back to CT, we started investigating CFIDS and found that there were some 8 million people just like me that were undiagnosed but still suffering from their symptoms.

We found a national website dedicated to the cause at cfids.org that you can browse if interested in further research. I went to 7 different specialists that claimed to deal with cfids. A few claimed they would diagnose me but I would have to pay cash upfront for their services which wasn't an option for us, we were destitute by then having exploited all our resources by then. The others all kept coming up with other scenarios for my problems and symptoms such as gout, and thyroid dysfunctions and other such problems. Others wanted to take over my asthma problems. In the end we were left with knowing what the disease was but without a doctor to diagnose it. The last doctor I visited told me frankly that in CT that I would never get a diagnosis for CFIDS. If I wanted to get a firm diagnosis for it I would have to go out of state and pay out of pocket.

Now it's 2013, I still have cfids, hence my username seefids. The symptoms come in flurries and last 2 to 3 months at a time, but we take it day by day and live our life to the fullest that we can. Most times we are happy. My wife has been the best support system I could have ever hoped for, but I can't even imagine the toll this has had to have taken on her. For the love of God, don't ever put your work before your family, you can always get a new job or career. You can never replace or undo what has been done to your family. I hope these articles let all of you know that in no uncertain terms. Put your family first above all else no matter what. God Bless.

copyright June 2013 Mark Nicholson

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