Turbine Power Plant A large part of electricity is generated in the turbine power plant. The energy generated by the turbine movement is converted to electricity.

Transformer With the aid of thick wires the current from the turbine generator is sent to the transformer. This increases the current voltage.

Transmission Lines These are used to deliver electricity to far off places. They are hoisted on high pillars.

Sub Station Transmission lines have high current voltage. This is sent to the sub station where the voltage is reduced.

Distribution Of Low voltage Current Factories, malls and similar places consume large amounts of electricity. After the voltage is reduced the electricity is sent here through distribution lines.

Small Transformers To reduce the power and prevent short circuits small transformers are installed on poles. From here the electricity is distributed to homes.

According to the figures of July 2013 India has so much power that can light 2 billion 260 million bulbs together or 229.75 gigawatts.

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