Step 1: After logging in, select the product offers that are of interest to you and complete the associated tasks to activate your offers. You can confirm your offers are activated if they are on your Ibotta Checklist. You can locate your Checklist from the main menu (three horizontal white lines in the upper left corner of the app).

Step 2: Once you have activated all of the items you intend to purchase, go shopping in the store.

Step 3: Depending on the retailer, you can either verify purchases by using Ibotta's automated redemption process, or taking a picture of your receipt. On the app, go to the main menu and press "Redeem". The graphic next to the retailer's name will indicate if you need to take a picture of your receipt or use Ibotta's automated redemption process. You can also check here.

Step 4: After using Ibotta's automated redemption process or taking a picture of your receipt, Ibotta places cash on your Ibotta account! You can cash out your earnings directly to your PayPal account from the app. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can also create one through the Ibotta app.

Happy Earning!

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