Hey bubbly bubblers! This is my 6th day bubbling and I'm very very happy to have finally reached 20 Dollars! I didn't think it was even possible. I remember how I used to laugh about Bubblews. Now I could say that I have definitely eaten my words! LOL.

There's this section in Bubblews which I really don't have any idea about. Just like what I said, it is my 6th day bubbling and I'm still a newbie. I've been wondering, what is this BUBBLE PULSE all about? I've seen a lot of people having these activities and it really left me curious. At first, I found BUBBULSE cool because of the combination of words but now that I have tried looking at it, I would really want to know how this thing works. What's its difference with the simple bubbling? Do we also gain money from it? Is is difficult to use? Could beginners make use of it? I really really want to try so I'm hoping to hear a feedback coming from you and hope you could answer my questions. I'm aiming for a goal and I'm trying to find many ways to earn money. Hope you guys could help mr with this. Thanks everyone! It would mean a lot to me. Happy Bubbling! :)