I write about 5 to 6 posts a day because I need to go to work in my daytime. When I submit my post, I often submit one each time. Then I will hang around the Bubblews, and read other's posts, commenting them and clicking the like buttom.

Then after about half an hour or an hour, I will submit another post.

I noticed that some writers here like submitting posts continually. They submit about 5 to 7 posts within several minutes, some even submit 10. I don't think it is good to submit posts like this. You see, there are so many posts submitted every hour. Most posts only appear in Bubblews for about 1 hour. If submitting so many posts in a time, all your posts won't be showed in about an hour. Then you won't get more view?

Do you agree with my opinion? What do you think about submitting post this way? How do you submit your posts?