I love you like the sun freely sheds sunlight Giving heat, light and life to every single thing I love you like the butterfly kisses a flower As sweet as the nectar it gives up in return

How do I love you? Let me paint the ways I love you like the sun gives way for the moon To show its beauty amidst the pitch dark sky Watching over people as they soundly sleep

I love you like the gentle breeze that embraces Comforting you in the coolness of the loneliest night I love you like the night wind lulls you softly As you peacefully fall deeper and deeper to rest

If these pictures aren't enough to let you see Then let me show you even more until it's finally clear For there are still so many ways to show you, love If you would only be willing to listen and hear

'Coz if you look around, there's still a lot I could use To paint a vivid picture of the love I have for you A million words to describe how much I long for you For you are the half that completes my soul

I love you, please don't ever forget But if, by chance you do, this I beg of you Look around, at all the beauty that surrounds For I have painted it all, in everything you see

An original work in celeberation of the Love Month

#LoveMonth #ValentinesDay #Heart #Love