In 2006, Kyle Keen was shaken to death by his stepfather. This happened after NHS staff members failed to report 'suspicious bruising' to police or social services. At the time of Kyle's death, the hospital staff members said that there 'appeared to be no direct evidence of abuse'. However, seven years later, a full report into the death of Kyle Keen has still not be published. Now Walsall Memorial Hospital has admitted that the 16-month-old boy could still be alive today if the most basic child protection procedure had been followed. The hospital has admitted to making a horrible mistake.

Unfortunately, the hospital did nothing. His father, Robert Keen, is still dealing with the loss of his son and wondering what could have been. Tyrone Matthews, Kyle's stepfather, was sentenced to six years for causing severe brain haemorrhaging, and Kyle's mother, Kerry McIntosh, was handed a six-month sentence for neglect.

All of this could have been avoided. If only the hospital spoken out, and paid more attention to this case, Kyle might still be alive. At least the hospital has now admitted to making a mistake. And the people who caused Kyle's death are paying their dues. Although I know it will never bring Kyle back, at least it's something. I feel so sorry for Kyle's dad, and the rest of his family.

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