Like every other year started, get ready to know something about food preferences of each sign.

Each of the 12 signs of the zodiac European culinary preferences is different from one case to another. Some may be more demanding, more - simple, but always interesting enough to be analyzed. Only when you know what your partner's culinary satisfy your appetite and if you fail to prepare him a hearty meal, you'll be able to really happy, and he will love you more for that, is not it, love pass sometimes and stomach.

Aries impulsive as prefer to try new things, including culinary. If you want to proove your skills in the kitchen, we can successfully prepare several dishes he has never met before, maybe something exotic Asian inspired cuisine, without being particularly complex. Then give him time to enjoy food, a glass of wine and dialogue to match.

Taurus is an earth sign and therefore a simple creature without too many pretensions, will not need a table full of food or choose to be happy. Being pragmatic, native of Taurus can be easily satisfied with roast chicken and chips or, if there is enough time for a meal in the true sense of the word, he can appreciate a ham sandwich trivial.

If you want to thank a native of Gemini, you must be sure that the food you serve him to be both tasty and presentable. He always refuses quantity for quality and only he could be impressed by those sorts of fancy food served in small portions on large plates, which appear here and there one sprig of thyme, a mint leaf or a few drops of sauce.

Cancer is a complex perspective on food. He can enjoy the exotic cuisine, coming from remote areas and main dishes, simple, you can cook them easily in minutes. As a sign of water, it is attracted to seafood, the cuisine of fish and will not refuse never a brine or, at the other extreme, eccentric, a portion of octopus in Spanish style.

Leo loves good food but at the same time, it must also be sufficient to quench the appetite fantastic. He appreciates haute-cuisine food, with all the necessary flourishes, but only if it comes in generous portions that will engorge sometimes with anger, as befits one who is considered the king of beasts.

Virgo finds it hard to try new foods. Bookmark earth, conservative, she will always thank dishes that mom cooked them in childhood, whether it is pot of vegetables, rice pilaf or for something sweet, classic donuts. If you manage to convince a Virgo to accept a time dish that not tried, it will be only because he loves you very much.

Balance is the kind of man who can refuse meat from the diet, to become convinced vegetarian at a time. If you do not get to take this drastic decision, she will always keep a certain preference for balanced meals. A thank you easier if you put them on a plate next to a piece of lean meat and some cooked vegetables. Moreover, you should not forget the salad.

Scorpio loves just food, not greed, quantitatively, but rather as a refined consumer of special culinary experiences. He can appreciate a recipe kept secret in the family for decades, and some dish recently appeared in luxury restaurant menus. If you want to thank for this purpose, you will not in any way ordering pizza.

Sagittarius eat usually in a hurry, as if they expected every moment the food to disappear from his face. Even if you can try almost any cuisine, without too much fuss, he has a vision about food, that it ... eat. Not really understands what it is to enjoy the food, if it must produce energy to survive.

Capricorn not beat eating too much head. It can be adept eating fast food if you pay more attention to health, can appreciate and vegetable dishes. For dessert, the man who appreciates apple fruit and healthy can fully satisfy. If you want to do the like Capricorn, put them next to simple food that he wants a bottle of ketchup or mustard jar.

Aquarius able to taste gastronomic little subtleties that can give them. In addition to exotic dishes, whom you will work in small portions, learn to master in the kitchen a number of tricks that will make food more interesting for natives of this sign - a few drops of sauce, a sprig of basil or a glass come well chosen. Conversation as it will also appreciate the whole experience.

For fish, the culinary experience is fraught with emotion. They are probably most likely to associate food with certain moods, from large serving of ice cream consumed when they are depressed, enjoyed by Thai specialties with a smile when they really feel like living.

Food preferences of the zodiac, as we have seen above, depend very much on their way to be. May Earth or the opposite, eccentric, each of these 12 signs natives will know to appreciate certain kinds of food, if you know how to serve at the table.

Often, depending on the sign of your partner, it does present preparations, their taste or, why not, the amount they are served.