Hopping to WIN MONEY stops you from earning them.

There is a lot of different lotteries, "Cazino" in our world. Money, stuff, everything is shining, beautiful people around, everything colorful. Well, we can't stop ourselves, attention is all on it. Not only good commercial, but also easy way to get money is very attractive for us people.

I know a lot of people, who is buying tickets every week or even day and trying again. Of course, to be one of the lucky guys is very difficult in situations like that, it just depends on the fortune. And there is nothing we can do about it. Sometimes people is buying more than one ticket to make them chances bigger, but what you can do even with 100 of tickets, when there are more than 2,000,000 players? Nothing. Of course, there always will be someone lucky, but the chances is very low.

Of course, there is nothing bad to play all kind of money games if you are playing with your brain working. If not - you will loose. Also, you have to remember, that even if you will win someday, you have to earn your money for every day by working, but not trying get them with no work putting on it. It is not how the world goes. Remember it, work hard and don't give up. Just do not trust fortune all the time.