I know that 10 minutes of exercise is better than none. I also know that doing active strength building is better than just aerobics or strength. By doing them together you get the benefit of both workouts in minimal time.

I'm hoping that doing them in the AM helps boost my metabolism. I am also hoping that I will see visual results from these workouts. Feeling better is always good. More energy, sleeping better etc....

But come on seriously the main reason to begin working out is to see visable results and that is what I'm hoping for. I want my legs to be stronger I also want them to be leaner.

I want my abs to be more defined and less smushy.

If nothing else I hope these mini morning workouts help me to find more time to workout longer. This morning after my 10 min workout I really wished I had 10 more minutes. The workout isn't tiring me as much this week and I want to go longer I'm just so pushed for time that even 1 minute more would cause me to run behind.

So unless I can find more time I need this (ok I really want) this 10 minutes 5 days a week to make a difference in my overall health and the condition of my body.

Week 2 / Day 2 / workout 7


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