I am so excited for tomorrow. Why you may asked, well its the first day of kindergarten for Autumn. I'm sad that she is going but boy do I need a break from all the fighting between Autumn and Bella. I hope it all goes smooth and no crying. Big sister is going to walk her down to her room because the parents are not allowed to walk them in. The teachers and aids are outside waiting to take them out of the cars or off the buses. But I am happy, happy, happy, because I get to focus more on Bubblews and Swagbucks. My mother in law even offered to come up and play with Bella so I could work more. Six and half hours a day are going to be devoted to what I like to do and Bella is so easy to please. I can take my laptop anywhere and she will sit and play. Hip hip hooray!!!! shhhh don't tell Autumn.

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