Honeymoon Island Secret Paradise Heart-shaped Island My Home town Divilacan, Isabela – Another secret paradise in Isabela, Philippines Honeymoon Island is one of the most famous travel destinations here in Isabela, Philippines. Getting there is inexpensive, yet it is one of the most beautiful places in the country located at Divilacan, Isabela, Philippines.

Honeymoon Island has a natural forest and a beach with whitish sand. The surrounding coral reef is suitable for diving.
The island is very sceneric, perfect for bird lovers, nature lovers and people who seeks a quiet paradise.
Isabela is now dubbed as the Queen Province of the North. This province is one of the most progressive in the Philippines with Santiago City as the industrial center for Region 2 and Cauayan City, the commercial center. Isabela is also the second largest province in the Philippines.
Things to Do
Divilacan, Isabela, boasts a variety of attractions and destinations.
Trekking, Mountaineering, Camping and Exploration at Palanan, Dinapigue, Maconacon and Divilacan forest area. Diving and snorkeling at Dicotcotan Beach.

How get There
If you want to see the secret paradise beaches and beautiful places of my home town Divilacan, Isabela, Divilacan are accessible by aircraft, pumpboat, and trail-hiking through Sta. Ana, Cagayan, San Mariano Cauayan, and Ilagan, Isabela, respectively. The island is 30 minutes by boat from Divilacan town proper.

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