Thick golden brown produced by bees with a distinctive sweet taste. Honey, so a lot of supplementary material food and drink that tastes very delicious. Not only can indulge tongue, honey can also be relied upon to maintain the condition of the body and slimming.

When you want to lose weight, diet and exercise is a must do. And honey, to make them more effective. Carbohydrates in honey can increase energy recovery in muscles which would have a positive impact on your exercise habits.

Drinking a mixture of warm water and honey is highly recommended when it comes to exercise. Moreover, honey can also help shed body fat. Try to always drink honey before and after exercise, so that you can get three of these benefits.

  1. stamina Honey water to maintain stamina during running exercise. Because, the content of glucose gives instant energy.

  2. Reducing sugar intake As I was running the diet program, you can consume honey without worrying weight. There are only 64 calories in a tablespoon of honey and fat free. You do not need to add more sweetener to the drink. Because the sweetness of honey equals five times the regular sugar.

  3. diet If you are exercising to lose weight, try honey consumption. Take one tablespoon of honey and add cinnamon powder, drink every morning before practice and at night before bed. This herb, as quoted by Sky Bold, can help you lose weight quickly