So although the British government are insisting that our UK economy has improved, it doesn't seem to have helped Honda. The Japanese company have announced that they are making 500 people redundant from their Swindon manufacturing plant, and the letters will be received tomorrow.

It's terrible news for Swindon as a whole, not just the people who work at the factory because as the phrase goes... If Honda sneeze then Swindon catches a cold. The town is very dependent on the Honda factory and it's another kick in the teeth for locals as it was only last year that hundreds of workers lost their jobs.

Honda state that the reason is not because they aren't producing decent competitive cats in a very competitive market place, it's all because the economic downturn is still badly affected a number of European countries especially those Eastern European ones.

Funnily enough though, economic experts from a nearby university feel that it's all Honda's fault and that other car manufacturers are starting to improve their sales in these down turned countries. They say that Honda are lagging behind in the production of new designs, which they have already been bring out in Japan and the Far East.

Unfortunately whoever and whatever is to blame, it won't help those poor workers tomorrow who face a walk to the job centre next week.

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