Everybody hates static cling, and now that the dry fall and winter air is a factor, it's almost impossible to avoid it. Static Guard works great, but it's expensive, smelly, and one whiff of that stuff tells you that it's probably not great for your lungs or the environment. So, I did some looking around to see whether anyone knew how to make a good static cling spray at home. I had been successful with making my own wrinkle releaser spray, and thankfully, someone also has a recipe for homemade static guard. It's cheap and only two ingredients! In an empty spray bottle, combine 1 cup of water and 1 teaspoon of liquid fabric softener. Shake gently and it's ready to use! Obviously, if you make this with your favorite scent of fabric softener, it will smell great, too! I have never been a big fan of homemade products, but I am starting to change my mind, both due to rising costs of practically everything and to the recent success of the past two attempts. I'm not sure what I may need to try next, but if it's as easy as the past two recipes for household products, I'm in!