Here i am telling you about how to clean you skin by homemade remdies. There are some rules and regulation that you follow for proper skin cleansing. First of all you should care your skin and wash you skin with any soap or any homemade product twice or three time a day because all the day your skin have absorbe dust, dirt or bacteria etc that can damage yor skin and your skin becomes rough, so you should properly clean your skin. Here are some easy methods that you can apply for face and body cleanser that are suitable for different types of skin. Milk is a best natural cleanser for all type of skin. take half cup of cold unboiled milk, cotton ball soak in milk and dab on you face, repeat this process for ten minutes when milk is dried you can wash your skin. this method make you skin so soft. Gram Flour(Basin) is also used for cleanser. It is used for oily skin .take some quantity of basin, add som drops of milk and make its past and apply this past on your face and rub your skin for 10 or 15 mintues and wash your face with cold fresh water. this process make your skin so soft and it makes your skin clean and remove all the dist and oily particals. Youghert and Honey is used for dry skin. take one teaspoon youghert and one tea spoon of honey, mix it and apply on your face and wash your face with cold water. It make you skin fresh and give shiner. Rose water is best toner for every type of skin. take one tea spoon of rose water , soak cotton ball in it , deb on your skin . after some time washwith fresh water.