Have you ever notice, any brown spots on your hands? This may be due to age or to extreme sun bathing. So, how can we get rid of this spots? We do not need any expensive cosmetics . All you need is tomato. This is a home made recipe that my grandmother used to do in order to get rid of those annoying spots. Just coat your hands with a slice of tomato just before bedtime . The next morning, you will notice that the spotting will have significantly subsided and the image of your skin will have a youthful appearance. Two months of intensive treatment and the spots on your hands will be gone . Don't you ever forget that with natural products you may need more time to have the desired results, but you achieve them ultimately with the best possible way! You can use also coconut oil for more immediate results. Coconut oil helps too in the disappearance of the spots as it offers intensive hydration. Before going to bed spread the coconut oil on your hands and then make a simple coating on the back of your hands with a slice of tomato. Tomato has firming properties too. It helps also to fight acne and to reduce the open pores on your face. So, don't ignore this magic vegetable. You can use it to remove naturally the calluses too.

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