It's easy to make your own carpet shampoo to use in steam cleaning machines, be it your own or one that you rent. I prefer to make my own because I am particular about what I put on my carpet, since my husband and I like to lay on it, as well as the fact our grandchildren crawl around on it. I want to make sure that there are no harmful chemicals that may irritate skin, or tiny lungs. The ingredients for this cleaner are simple and readily available at any discount or grocery store.


1/2 cup lemon-scented ammonia 1/2 cup white vinegar 3 teaspoons dish washing soap


Mix all contents and pour into your carpet cleaner.

Fill the rest of the reservoir with hot water.

Test the mixture on an unseen part of your carpet like in a closet.

Clean carpets as usual. You may detect a slight vinegar odor while the carpet is wet. It should fade away as soon as it dries.

This cleaner will deodorize as well as remove stains like soda pop and pet stains.

You use this cleaner within a day or two of making it, and throw any left overs away. Make a fresh batch every time you need it, do not try to store.

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