It’s Independence Day in Estonia and Flag Day in Mexico. Every year in Thailand, a National Artist is chosen by the Office of the National Culture Commission and presented with honors on National Artist Day. I get the impression that this is a huge honor in Thailand. According to Wikipedia, “National Artists receive a monthly salary of 12,000 baht as well as health benefits, 15,000 baht towards funeral expenses and 120,000 baht for a memorial biography.”

National Tortilla Chip Day is today, but I have to ask… shouldn’t it also be National Salsa Day and National Guacamole Day? How do you like to eat Tortilla Chips?

Happy Monday!

Independence Day in Estonia Commemorates independence from the Russian Empire in 1918

Flag Day in Mexico Marks the date that the"Plan of Iguala" or "Plan of the three guarantees" was proclaimed in 1821. The plan was based in three principles: "Religion, Independence and Unity", which were represented on the flag's colors.

National Artist Day in Thailand The day when honors are presented to the chosen National Artist of the year

Food holidays:

National Tortilla Chip Day

The following includes official and unofficial weeklong and month-long holidays. New from the previous day are flagged with an asterisk (*), except on the 1st day of the month when they are all new.

Week-long holidays:

Freedom to Read Week in Canada February 23-March 1

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week February 23-March 1

Peace Corps Week February 23 – March 1

National Invasive Species Awareness Week

Month-long holidays:

Cherry Month National Grapefruit Month National Potato Lovers Month Bubblews Potato Lover’s Challenge Month National Macadamia Nut Month Bake for Family Fun Month National Canned Food Month National Hot Breakfast Month Great American Pie Month

Raynaud’s Awareness Month in the UK CC Awareness Month in the UK American Heart Month Reproductive Health Month in South Africa National Condom Month National Healthy Lifestyles Awareness Month in South Africa National Cancer Prevention Month National Children’s Dental Health Month North American Inclusion Month

Black History Month and by Bubblews @bodylevive : LGBT History Month in the UK Creative Romance Month Library Lovers’ Month

Responsible Pet Owners Month National Cat Health Month Dog Training Education Month National Pet Dental Health Month Adopt-a-Rescued Rabbit Month Bird-Feeding Month

That’s it for today! Do you know of or celebrate other holidays on February 24th?

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