I get a lot of Amazon gift cards through Swagbucks. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get something when you are redeeming your swagbucks for a prize.

The skinny: Swagbucks started out as a search portal but evolved into something more. The object is to earn swagbucks (SB) dollars and then redeem them for the reward of your choice. Earning these swagbucks isn’t as hard as some people would imagine.

Recently, I challenged myself to hit the Daily Goal. Swagbucks sets a goal for you to reach every day. If you do hit it, you will earn a bonus 10%. For example, today’s goal is reach 80 SB. Once that happens, you will receive a bonus 8 SB for your effort. The number changes every day but the object still remains to same: hit that daily goal.

The reason why I’ve been so gung-ho about it this month because I know Christmas is coming soon. It would be nice to have extra money for the holiday season. Swagbucks is one of those ways where I can supplement that extra income. There’s a madness to this as well. If I reach these goals for consecutive days, I’m rewarded with even more swagbucks. The breakdown is like this:

7 Straight Days: 25 SB + Daily Bonuses 14 Straight Days: 100 SB + Daily Bonuses 21 Straight Days: 200 SB + Daily Bonuses Full month: 300 SB + Daily Bonuses

So far I’ve managed to hit the goal for the past 22 days straight. I didn’t think I could do it. I know in the past it would have been daunting. But Swagbucks has increased the number of activities and opportunities to make this happen. So far, so good.

Now here’s the question. Do you try and just hit the daily goal and then stop for the day? Or do you go for the gusto and try and maximize as much as possible? All I know is that those Amazon gift cards are adding up quite quickly for me.

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