Satay than rendang is a dish listed on the menu offerings cheap catering for large events such as weddings, thanksgiving and other events. Just like rendang, satay is authentic Indonesian cuisine. When Rendang from Minangkabu the satay from Java.

Satay is a dish where meat (chicken, beef, goat, sheep, snails, rabbit or other meat) in setlah satay skewer to prick cut into small pieces, and then roasted on charcoal stone. Once completed, would satay served with peanut sauce ketchup or other condiments. The food is very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Philipin, Thailand and the Netherlands.

In fact satay guess is the influence from Tamil nation. This theory emerged because the famous satay in Java after the immigrants from Arab nations and the Indian Tamils ??in the early 19th century. Other reasons are many Indonesian satay use mutton and beef are also a favorite meat in Arab countries.

At the end of the 19th century, is the famous cuisine on the island of Java. Even the food was also managed to advance to the international. Countries that receive direct influence is Malaysian, Singapore, Thailand and the Netherlands.