On March 8, International Women's Day is celebrated. first day was held on 19 May 1911 in Germany, Austria, Denmark and several other European countries. The date was chosen because German women at the same time in 1848, King of Prussia had to face an armed uprising and promised to make a series of reforms, including women's suffrage. But International Women's Day was officially recognized much later, in 1975, the United Nations and has been adopted since that date, many of the governments of countries that hitherto had learned not its existence.

In Romania the day March 8 is celebrated woman. By December '89 there was talk of Mother's Day but after the 1989 revolution Mother's Day Women's Day fsot replaced.

1848 - He held in Paris in Balcescu's house, a meeting of the Romanian revolutionaries, the deciding trigger revolution in the country and draw revolutionary program.

1896 - famous singer was born in the interwar period Zavaidoc (Marin Teodorescu) (d. 13 January 1945) 1917 - Revolution in Petrograd began that led, in March 15, 1917, the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II.

1945 - Two days after installation Petru Groza government on March 6, 1945, U.S. President Roosevelt, Churchill addressed through a personal and top secret telegram, which is concerned with the installation, by force, a communist government and provide treatment without discrimination against Romanians anti .... In response telegram, the U.S. president, recognizing leadership in the Kremlin interference in the appointment of a Communist government, stated: I believe that Romania is a place best for us so far with the Russians.

1945 - The Romanian government sent a telegram to the Soviet government in seeking reinstatement northern Transylvania in Romania, the territory is under occupation hortistă, following the Vienna Award of 1940. In response telegram of March 9, 1945, IV Stalin agrees to resettle in NE Transylvania Romanian administration. On 13 March 1945, in Cluj, had held official proclamation of resettlement Romanian administration in this part of the country.

1946 - The first helicopter was patented for commercial use.

1968 - In Prague, Czechoslovak students declare their support for the movement of liberalization known as the Prague Spring.

1982 - Soviet interplanetary automatic station Venus-13 and Venus-14 reaches the planet Venus. 2000 - Pope John Paul II has set this day for public mea culpa (day of repentance)

2008 - Former American sports Marion Jones, sentenced to six months in prison for perjury, was imprisoned in Texas to serve his sentence. This was convicted because he lied to the federal investigators three times: the first time in November 2003 in the case of Balco investigation, named after the Californian laboratory supply products many athletes doping, and then in august and November 2006, when on the bank fraud was involved father of his first son, former athlete Tim Montgomery.