nah. fish oil to biofuel? well see, here some news about the boy who discover to the fish oil to biofuel.

Raymond joseph amurao, a senior student at the Marikina City high School, found a way to turn what was considered a "pest" into something potentially useful. Amurao converted oil from janitor fish (Hypostomus plecostomus) into a biofuel. his project won a science competition sponsored by the Department of science and Technology(DOST)

Janitor fish is plentiful in the marikina river and considered a pest because its sheer number is impeding the flow of current and upsetting the river's ecological balance. janitor fish, also called suckermouth catfish, is a nonendemic species that has been multiplying rapidly in the marikina river and in other waterways in metro manila. it feeds on algae and deprives other fish of nutrients.

Amurao boiled 12 kilos of the fish to extract 500 ml of oil. the oil underwent a chemical process and subsequent test showed that its fuel value is almost similar to that of coco diesel, a coconut-derived fuel oil that the government has been promoting as an alternative to petroleum. janitor fish oil also has the same combustibility as kerosene, coco diesel, alcohol, and diesel. the next step would be to test the performance of the oil in a motor vehicle.

Amurao was reportedly watching his classmates work on an experiment to turn janitor fish into chicken feed. as his classmates were boiling the fish, amurao noticed that there was a considerable amount of oil floating on the boiling water. amurao then read up on coco diesel and thought about converting the janitor fish oil into biofuel. his experiment won third place in the 2006 intel international science and engineering Fair held in Indiana, USA. Bagging US$1,000, Raymond Amurao competed with 109 other students from 47 countries in the zoology category.

Wow. nice one sir. i salute you bro :D

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