As with virtually all writing sites, there will occasionally be issues at Bubblews in regard to getting paid. Many of the potential problems can and should be resolved from the very beginning, though. Knowing what those problems are is the first step toward making sure that you are more apt to get paid.


Always check and recheck your paypal account address in the payment request window, in your My Bank hub, to make sure it is correct, before you request payment. If there is a typo and the address is entered incorrectly, or if it auto populates a different address than the one associated with your paypal account, clicking the payment button will put the request in a sort of never-never land. When Bubblews attempts to make the payment, Paypal will receive the money, but will be unable to assign it to the proper account. Paypal does send a report back to the vendor that states which payments couldn't be delivered, but it normally takes them 30 days to generate and send back that report. You are saving potential headaches all the way around, if you double check the address before requesting payment. It also doesn't hurt to make sure that you can even get in to your paypal account. If you can't get into your account, it is a moot point anyway.


If you use pictures in your bubbles, always make sure that you have the rights to use the pictures. That usually means that they need to either be definitely public domain, or you need to take them yourself. Do not use any picture that you didn't take, purchase, or that isn't specifically listed as public domain. Even creative commons pictures can be an issue if the terms of attribution are violated in some way. Also, always give the source of the picture. If you took the photo, simply say so. If it is public domain, give the photographer's name, the fact that it is public domain, and the url of the picture. This way it is easy for Bubblews to confirm that there is no copyright infringement. Remember that you can't just do a search on the web and use any old picture you find unless it is specifically public domain.


Too many people don't understand about plagiarism and sometimes get caught doing it, without meaning to. Anything that comes from another source, even if it is paraphrased, must be cited. If it is a direct quote, it also must be contained in quotation marks, with attribution to the source who said it. For instance: According to Rex Trulove, "If it is a direct quote, it also must be contained in quotation marks, with attribution to the source who said it." Remember, too, that the bubbles need to be unique, so while a cited quotation or paraphrased statement can be used, that should amount to no more than a tiny part of the post. Finally, beware of the words, "All Rights Reserved." If information carries this statement, it means that you cannot use it without authorization from the person or entity who carries the copyright.

Previously published

Bubblews does allow you to use your own previously published material, provided that material isn't exclusive to the site that published it. However, you must say where that information is previously published and the pen names need to be the same. Without this information, this could raise plagiarism red flags and your payment could be delayed or might not be paid. Bubblews would prefer that you use original, unpublished work, though.


You are allowed to use URL's to other sites and to other Bubblews posts, but with outside URL's, they can't be to any affiliate sites. In other words, don't use URL's to webpages where you earn money by having people go there. This can be a point of confusion, because if you use a URL to a Bubblews article, revenue is generated when someone goes to that URL. However, Bubblews directly benefits from the revenue, though, so it is allowed.

By avoiding some of the common causes for delayed or missing payments, you greatly increase the chances that your payment will go through without issues. Naturally, other things can happen that might delay or prevent payments from being made, and some of these are outside your control. Still, not making the most common mistakes increase your chances of receiving your payment in a timely fashion.

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