I'm not really fond of drinking tea. Just the regular ice tea with lemon. But I found this healthy pinoy ice tea guyabano flavor. I have a fondness for guyabano flavor and I also like strawberry flavor. I love these flavors. So I tried it. and it was delicious kind of expensive but worth it. Especially since I found out that guyabano is very good as an anti-cancerous agent. I am always on the look out for any food, fruit or products that are anti-cancer ever since I had a 1st stage cancer. I like to eat the guyabano fruit and juice and the shakes hmmm. So whenever I have extra and go to the city I try to buy 1 box sometimes 2 if I have more to spare. Try it you might like it! I do...:) #tea #guyabano #iced+tea #delicious #anti-cancer #expensive #fruit #juice