Insurance… we all need it and yet it is a pain in our back end. I never really had much of an issue till this year. The company I work for hired a third party payer for our insurance. So we have Maritain for the insurance which is great, no complaints there. Then we have what is called HPS Health Payment Services. What happens is if you go to the doctor and you have a 30$ co-pay, you do not pay your 30$ co-pay to the doctor. You wait for HPS to send you a bill for them paying your 30$ co-pay. Look at it this way

1) Go to the doctor 2) The doctor sends the bill to Maritain 3) Maritain processes it and sends it off to HPS 4) HPS pays Maritain portion of the bill 5) HPS pays for your portion of the bill 6) HPS sends you one bill for your portion of the visit (your 30$ co-pay) 7) You pay HPS

Now at first I was like cool I get one bill for all the doctors’ verses paying all the different doctors, this if it worked just right could be a great thing. Well my 2013 medical bills have been a pain in my back end and instead of focusing on getting better I have to baby sit HPS because the company doesn’t know how to do their damn job!

This is what happen to my bills for 2013. For the months of January, February, and part of March HPS paid my bills and sent me one big bill like they were suppose to, them Aprils bill came in the mail and I saw that they retracted their payments on my portion and took the money back from the clinics. I was appalled! The clinics were sending me payments verses HPS. I had 7 calls from HPS in January and February asking me if I had a secondary insurance and ALL 7 calls I had told them NO, but one of their employees put on my paper work that I had a secondary coverage, when I do not. So they thought that they had to take back all my portion of the payments from the clinics and have the clinics bill the secondary insurance. I tell you I have worked with these clinics for years and they were so angry at HPS because they even told them that I did not have a secondary insurance. So as I am on weeks of calls working my way up the chain of command to get to a person that will fix this mistake I finally found someone and this is what they had said to me “we normally do not do this, but in your case we are going to review January, February, and Marches bills and reprocess your claims”. First off if they didn’t they would have lost a lot of money so that is really why they were fixing it. NOW it is October and they still have my account so messed up that they had to take the past 10 months of bills and go over every date of service one by one and correct the issue at hand. Today is the day I will find out the final (I sure hope) verdict on my account. This is there fault and it should have been corrected the very first call. Now my company has decided to keep going with them even after the complains that have been reported not only by me but many other co-workers and also the BILLING departments. You think that would be loud enough to say this company is not doing their job and needs to go back through training and learn how to work a computer! Well HPS gets a big fat F in my books and I do not care to work with them anymore.

I sure hope the call today says OUR 10 MONTH SCREW UP IS ALL FIXED AND I AM TRULY SORRY FOR OUR BIG MISTAKE THAT COULD HAVE BEEN CORRECTED FROM DAY ONE. But fat chance on that one. Note to everyone out there. Pay close attention to your medical billing especially the insurance part of it!!