Hayley Okines is a remarkable child. Just of the age of two she was diagnosed with progeria a rare aging disease, a disease which make her age eight times faster then the average human. The average life expectancy for this disease is the age of 13. Hayley is part of a drug trial that has beaten the doctors expectations. She frequently travels from England to Boston to receive new treatments. Hayley has appeared in the subject of tv specials in England and the USA. England documented her about her condition and her treatment options, The USA did a special called Extreme Aging It focuses of the disease being non terminal but hope in the future for a cure. When she was 10 she did a feature in Hope for Hayley which showed her traveling from England to the USA for treatment, it was part of the England series Extraordinary People. She was in a second part of a part three which was called Make Me Live Forever . When she was 13 she was published in a French tv show in 2012, called Tous Differents. At the time she was in the physical age of 100. The United States Progeria research funds Okines treatment is left to them. Some athletes became inspired by Okines to help raise money for progeria research. The Chelsea football club in London, raised thousands of dollars through raffles. Shortly after Steve Keen saw Hayley's tv show, he biked 1,000 miles to support her. Hayley is still alive and well and I hope she will live a long and happy life.