If you watch Jerry Springer, then you know that on the commercial breaks it will have a question of the day and give the eight-hundred number to call toll-free and answer the question of the day. Have you ever called and answered one before? The one for today was are you addicted to someone, and it was kind of funny because that's exactly how i feel about the man i am with. We have been together almost 3 years and when i am without him, i find myself just trying to pass the time and keep myself busy until he gets to my house. I have never felt this way about anyone before. We have broken up before and when he left, i literally threw up for like ten minutes and was physically ill for days. It messed with my mental state the entire time we were seperated, until we got back together. I almost called in but was hesitant and decided against it, because i had never done it before, and didn't know what they would say. So, I'm curious have you ever called in about one of jerry's questions of the day because you felt like it hit home?