Is Hasina Wajed the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler in Bangladesh? Activists for human rights have called Hasina as new Nazi of the world. This criticism has been leveled at the time when a so-called “Justice Tribunal” has started giving death sentences to the leaders of Jammat-i-Islami in Bangladesh. The tribunal was framed on the orders of Hasina in order to give punishment to the supporters of Pakistan in “Independence War “fought in 1971. It’s worthy to mention that Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan till 1971 when a nationalist leader Mujeeb-ur-rehman (father of Hasina Wajid) from Bengal started “freedom movement” against Pakistan.India invaded Pakistan to support Mujeeb and finally on 22 December 1971, Bengal was segregated from Pakistan and came on the map of world as a new country Bangladesh. Soon the Charisma of Mujeeb faded and Bangladesh army revolted and killed Mujeeb along with her family in Prime Minister House. Her daughter Hasina Wajid was abroad for higher studies so she escaped from this bloodshed .Later, she returned and held the command of his father’s part Awami League. So called Justice Tribunal has given death sentences to many workers & leaders of JI including 7 leaders who are above 65 years of age. Tribunal has also ordered court martial of many senior army officers. Critics are of the view that Hasina is doing all this to get rid of anti-India elements from the country.