I was sitting up watching television with my wife tonight. In the midst of watching Shark Tank, which is an interesting little show, commericals started to roll. I also vomited when I heard that the Bachelor was once again slated to run its tired brand out again. This year's guy is a former soccer player/reject from the Bachelorette, who is hoping to find love by dealing with 20 or so women who are poised for television glory.

Is it me, or is this concept over and done with. I got the attraction of it maybe the first two years, but now it all seems so staged. Every season now we have someone that comes on the show already having a beau. There is a social climber looking to parlay their appearance on the show into a TV career. Heck, there are even people figuring if they can be in the final four, they could be the next contestant. Let's face it, most of the contestants are not on there looking for love. They are looking for exposure and a chance to take exotic trips. I think this is a genre that has run its course.

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