This season’s “Bachelor” Juan Pablo Galavis has not impressed fans with his outspoken ways on subjects relating to sex and sexual preference. Earlier in the season he said gays would not be appropriate to appear on “The Bachelor” because they are “more pervert.” There was a lot of explaining and backpedaling after that remark but once it’s out there, it’s out there.

Next he engaged in wee-morning-hour tryst with one contestant and then publicly shamed her for it because his daughter might see what they did. He refrained from kissing one contestant because she was a single mom but turned around and kissed many girls in the same episode. He wasn’t too worried about his daughter seeing that, I guess.

Apparently ABC viewed the backlash from his anti-gay remarks as important enough to ask him not to attend the televised wedding of former “Bachelor” Sean Lowe and his bride Catherine. It also looks like, according to Reality Steve – a reality TV guru – that the network has declined to invite him to participate on “Dancing with the Stars” this season like many of his predecessors have done.

Do you think Juan Pablo Galavis should be invited to compete on “Dancing with the Stars”?