Harry Reid, Senator is a Crook

Senator Harry Reid is being made to repay about $17,000 that was given to his campaign in donations. He gave the money to his 23 year old Granddaughter. This would be the same thing as those of us that own business going into our business checking accounts and writing our grandchildren a check for $17,000 without paying any taxes on the money.

Senator Harry knew that this was an illegal act as he did not claim the money as income and did not pay any taxes on the money. If any regular person in the United States of America took a $17,000 draw on their business and did not pay any taxes, they would be audited by the IRS. within a few days, if the taxes were not paid, chains and locks would be placed on the doors, and the business would be closed.

Why do we let political leaders of either party get away with such criminal acts? Senator Harry is a well educated man. He knew exactly what he was doing, and he was hoping not to ge caught. He should have to pay penalties, taxes, and be brought up on ethics violations in the US Senate. He is no leader.

Harry Reid, Senator, should be dismissed from the senate, forced to pay penalties and taxes, and brought up on charges like any other US citizen. Obama hired more that 10,000 new IRS agents to enforce Obamacare and the tax law. Why can one of them not make sure the Majority leader of the Senate pays his taxes as well????