My husband is so hard headed. This house that we live in is not a good place. We lost 2 boxer puppies to it. Im thinking the owners that were here before had dogs that had Parvo. Well our puppies ended up dieing from this horrible disease. They were the sweetest puppies to have. Their names were Dawg and Buddy.

I sure miss them. It started of with Dawg getting it first and the Buddy got it a week later. We were so saddened by this. They suffered so hard. So my husband has been looking at other dogs lately. I told him no that we needed to move out of here. We did clean everything up after the pups died, But I dont trust this place. So he has been going to the pounds to go and look. I am worried that he is going to come home with another one of some sort. I sure hope not. I do not want to see another dog or puppy die of this. I know he is missing a pet. But he needs to think of this first. Ugh! The picture that I posted isnt my dog but that what my dog Buddy looked like :(