As I work out on the stationary bike and treadmill from nine o’clock to noon, I channel surfed on the little TV to notice many hosts were dressed up in a Halloween costume.

I added my photos of some Halloween decorations in my neighborhood at Princeton Townhomes and Stanford Apartments area.But I forgot to do my own home decorations. I usually just decorate the two windows upstairs that face the street.

I drive home. I eat a bowl of salad and cupcake as well as drink my gourmet coffee, which consists of espresso, whipped cream, and cinnamon. On The View, Jenny McCarthy was Miley Cyrus tongue. It was funny and original as well as very Jenny. Guest Donnie Wahlberg came as Justin Bieber. He also added that he came as a heterosexual man. Barbara Walters came as Katy Perry. She was even wearing a diamond-studded metal retainer in her mouth. Sherri Shepherd came as Khaleesi from The Game of Thrones. Whoopie Goldberg came as Mandarin from the Iron Man 3 movie. On Access Hollywood, Billy Bush and Kit Hoover came as Bruce and Kris Jenner, and they did a good job impersonating them. On another morning show, with Daphne Oz, The Chew cast dressed as the Spice Girls. And, three of these Spice Girls were actually men in drag. Daphne Oz was Baby Spice. Their guest was dressed as Snow White. I thought these Spice Girls were entertaining, especially the men, Posh Spice, Ginger Spice, and Sporty Spice. And the other female cast member was Scary Spice. I also noticed that many of the morning shows had a variety of interesting cakes, cupcakes, and hors doeuvres with Halloween decorations as well as food sculptures in Halloween themes and characters. I noticed some cheese and olive hors doeuvres that looked like eyeballs. Then, I relax in the steam room and sauna before taking my shower. I walk out of the gym into sunny Spring-like weather. I check out many small kids and adults dressed in Halloween costumes. I later realize they all came out of a restaurant. They must have had a Halloween luncheon party there. Then, I decide to take a stroll in my neighborhood to check out some Halloween decorations. I dress in gray knit leggings, turtleneck, and gray cat hat, and I take my cell phone along. The mini mall across the street had some kids trick-or-treating at the stores and restaurants. But most people were eating dinner or dessert at the restaurants and center courtyard area as they enjoyed the nice weather. As I walked towards my townhouse, I decide to take some photos of Halloween decorations at Stanford Apartments and Princeton Townhomes. I ran into some neighbors. One neighbor was walking her small and cute Shihtzu, another neighbor was taking her toddler daughter, who was dresses as a cute little witch, trick or treating, and one older woman was setting out a bowl, full of Skittles and M&M bags, for kids and adults in the neighborhood. By 5:30pm, I returned to my townhouse. It was a relaxing stroll.

I took a photo of me in my sleek, gray outfit and cat hat, which I wore as I walked the catwalk in my neighborhood.

my captcha is "I like you!")