No doubt, Diwali is one of the top festivals of India. It is my most favorite. This year Diwali has been one of the best. I am just back after celebrating the same with little kids. Not much this time except few soundless crackers and candles. I think it was the right decision to avoid using crackers which made huge sounds because it does create sound pollution and other problems both for human beings as well as animals.

The celebrations are still going on here and I am sure it would continue whole night. I was thinking to go out in the market and enjoy some delicious foods but then I canceled everything as I am afraid if accidentally any firecracker falls on me then what would happen :P

Anyways, I really enjoyed myself today. The atmosphere is abuzz with lightning, crackers, decorations...just everything. The sound of crackers is almost deafening. Kids, young people, old people...everyone seems to be ecstatic on this day. And why not...Diwali comes once in a year and it has all the elements of fun and excitement !!

I wish all my friends from India wherever they are " A VERY HAPPY AND A PROSPEROUS DIWALI " Hope all your wishes come true this year...Cheers :-)

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