Today, River Phoenix would have been 43 years old. I still remember waking up that morning after Halloween 1993 to the news of his death. He was and still is my favorite actor. I have never seen anyone as good as he was. Even in his lesser roles. He was definitely the best actor of his generation. Ask most of his peers and they will likewise say the same. There will never be anyone like River. I was unfortunate to never have the chance to meet him but have had a chance to work with a few people who did know him. They each say that he was very much the sweet, kind, and sensitive soul as he was portrayed in the press. Aside from his acting, I respect him for his charity works, He was a huge animal lover and cared for the environment. This was another thing that I am told was from his heart.

Rest In Peace and Happy Birthday, River August 23, 1970 to October 31, 1993.

I also wrote a hub on hubpages regarding what I feel are two of his most overlooked film roles

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