Halo oranges are the best oranges that I have ever tasted. They are so sweet and juicy you will have to eat at least 2 because they are so good. They are about $4.50 a bag and you get like 14 of them. When I took this picture I realized why they were so good. They are mandarin oranges. The same ones I buy in the can.

Fresh is so much better so I will buy them like this from now on.

As you can see in this picture, they are very small. That is another reason you will want to eat 2 at one time. LOL. These are perfect for children as they are easier to peel than a tangerine and there are absolutely no seeds in them. My daughter was the one who told me about them. She had bought them for my Grandson and when I tasted one, I had to go to the store right away and get some for me.

There are commercials about these that are really cute. It shows adults trying to sneak one of their childs Halo oranges and the child gets mad and says funny things about them being for kids.

Have you tried these or seen the commercial for them? I highly recommend that you try them. There is no doubt that you will love them too!

These pictures were taken by me and belong to me.