Basic Information Brief Synopsis: The love story of a former head of state of Indonesia, BJ Habibie with Alm. Hasri Ainun mother who was appointed to the big screen fantasy book "Habibie & Ainun". Through this book tells the history of her life with Habibie Ainun from the very first meeting with Ainun in Ranggamalela, London until his death.

Full Synopsis: This is a story about what happens when you find around the heart. The story of first love and last love. The story of the third President of Indonesia and the mother country. The story of Ainun Habibie and.

Rudy Habibie an aircraft expert genius who has a big dream: to devote to the Indonesian people by making trucks fly to unify Indonesia. While Ainun was a smart young doctor with a career path wide open for him.

In 1962, two junior colleagues met again in Bandung. Habibie fell in love with him instantly on Ainun a sweet sugar. But Ainun, he did not just fall in love, her faith in the vision and dream Habibie. They got married and flew to Germany.

Have dreams will never be easy. Ainun Habibie and knew it. Love the way they wake up to realize the dream. The cold snow German, sacrifice, pain, loneliness and temptations of wealth and power as they return to Indonesia accompany the journey of two lives into one.

For Habibie, Ainun is everything. Ainun are eyes to see her. For Ainun Habibie is everything, filling you in his life.

State and Date of Release: Indonesia, December 20, 2012 Classification: 17 + Language: Indonesian Color: Color Status: Production

Cast & Crew Producer Manoj Punjabi Film director Faozan Rizal Hanung Bramantyo Players: Hero Justin Lestari As Hasri Ainun Habibie Reza Rahadian As Habibie Starring Maid Bayu Oktara Henky Solaiman Ratna Riantiarno Player Mike Lucock Tio Pakusadewo Crew: Production: MD Entertainment Production Companies

Trivia Production: The film "Habibi & Ainun" adaptation of the real-Ainun Habibie, which previously has been recorded with the same title. Other: This film is shown in particular in the event of ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards 2013 (AIFFA 2013).

>>>My review<<<
I've watched the movie two weeks ago
This movie is very inspiring. Was really making emotion.
My suggestion, if you watch a tissue ready, because the studio was at the ready all the time: D.
But there is a part yangg pity. I am feeling a little bit keganggu with some ads in this movie. Try a little more refined appearance.
Altogether Okay .. I so believe klo true love does exist and real because of this movie.
Salute the same and the late Mr. Ibu Ainun Habibie. They was really my idol