Grumpy Cat - Have you Heard of this Crazy Animal -

Grumpy is a feline that has the real name of Tardar Sauce (stupid name - no wonder the cat is pissed off). This cat, a female - by the way - was born in April of 2012 but became famous on September 22, 2012 because her owner's brother posted a photo of Tardar on the Social Media website Reddit. Once a Facebook page was made the number of likes went up quickly to more than 1,000,000 in number. This stupid looking cat even was featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

Grumpy cat has now become a cultural phenomenon. Only God knows how much money this deformed cat is making for her owner, who has take a long leave of absence from her real job as an employee of Red Lobster Restaurants. Grumpy is a good example of the "you never know" weirdness of our society these days. If you are a grumpy cat fan, let me know your favorite grumpy cat saying. Mine is as follows.

I ran once. It was horrible.